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Arena helps independent artists survive in today's music economy by paying a living wage for streams and sales, while rewarding fans for listening to the music they love. We believe that:

  • Artists should be paid fairly every time their music is streamed or sold.
  • Fans should be able to listen to their favorite songs anywhere, anytime, without commercials or a monthly subscription.
  • Artists can earn up to $0.21 per stream for their top 3 singles and a full penny for the rest.
  • Labels can sell exclusive on-demand merchandise and keep 50% of the profit.
  • We even pay for fresh photos, unique videos and original blog content.
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Arena is completely free to use, even though we pay artists the highest rates per stream in the world.

  • You’ll never hear advertisments. Ever.
  • You’ll never pay a subscription.
  • Earn free downloads of the songs you listen to most.
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