My name is Aram "Mickey" Tserounian and I'm the Head of A&R at Treacherous Records, MICK'S TAPE is a project I have been working on for Treacherous Records and for the New West music scene. It's called MICK'S TAPE because my name is Mickey and its my tape[I had to break it down for the slow folks out there haha]. Its gonna have all original production that I picked out with guest appearances from Treacherous Records artist and other young NEW WEST artist as well.On this project you wont be hearing me on any songs. This is bigger then me that's why you won't also won't see my face on the cover.This is for the young new west coast talent and for the treacherous family. These artist & producers who I work with need to get some more shine and show the rest of the world we still have talent out here on the west and that we are making some great music. The music will speak for itself. Thanks ahead of time to everyone who supports it.