Taking a stroll down memory lane and making stops at all of the joints that put the duo on the proverbial map, the Ying Yang Twins have packaged a plethora of their bangers with a touch of spicy seasoning. 101 Distribution and the Ying Yang Twins are pleased to announce the first installment in a 12 month series of exclusive retail CD releases and digital singles aptly named Gumbo. If you’re not ready to get your butt on the floor and move something, then this is definitely not the album for you. The group's newest crunktastic creation features the work of German and British dance producers befriended on their 2010 European tour. Featuring flow from Ying Yang protege's K-Dolla, Da Muzicianz, The Hard Boys and more, the twins serve up a more progressive sound while making sure to include enough of their trademark touches for the loyal fans of the group who were on the dance floors in the big nightclubs bouncing to the singles that put Ying Yang on the map. “Grind Time”is a bona fide party-starter, as is “Fairytale Girl”. Leaving room for a couple of breathers, “Make Em Holla” is a salute to the ladies- a necessary requirement for any Ying Yang album. Undoubtedly carving out an indelible niche in both the Atlanta and overall national hip-hop landscape, the Ying Yang Twins do a hell of a job of letting it be known why they are the kings of high-energy hip-hop. With a crop of dance floor drivers and a couple of uncommon slow joints, Gumbo Vol. 1 proves why the duo have gone down as the legends of crunk.